Stuff and stuff

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned. It has been far too many days since my last confession.

(I just read a short story that had a confession booth in it. That’s partly to blame for the above.)

Here! Have some flowers!

And now, the rest of the post.
I am excited to report that I received a light tent/box thingie to aid in the photographing of my upcoming Etsy stock. I’m still aiming to release a smattering of products on March 1st, though production has been a bit slow-to-none over the past week. A variety of projects are in the works, including such lovely stuff as the work on my novel second draft, and learning how to be an ebay seller. I know that half the globe and your granny all do the ebay selling thing, but I’m new and needlessly nervous about it. I’ve successfully sold a couple of things through it now and a third item is cruising towards completion this week as well. Go, me!

As far as the novel goes, I’m going to give Power Structure another try for tracking my plot and conflicts. Neil swears by it and although the interface is an obvious and ugly port from a Windows application, I’m certain the usefulness is worth the appalling application font rendering and uninspired interface. Aesthetics are not what I’m using it for anyway.

Tonight I took a bunch of product shots and wrote a dozen bits of copy for another project and I think that’s where I’m going to call it a night. I’ve been somewhat internet uninspired lately, but I have been busy on things to be revealed. I suppose the appropriate thing to say now is: Watch this space. 😉

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