Word nerd game

I just made up a silly game tonight – for my own amusement – and will share it with you. Now, I’m sure an idea this super has likely sprouted from another brain on the planet as well, but it was the first time for me and so here it is:

Alphabet Sentence Game!
Create a sentence – using no proper place, object, or person names – using each letter of the alphabet as the first letter in each word. Must be in the order of the English alphabet.

Here is mine:
A boy could daydream elephants frowning glorious half-intended jealousy – knapsacks lugged maladroitly – none openly protesting questionable rampaging, suggesting though unpleasant, very worrisome xenogamous yahoo zoology.

It’s far from being a perfect sentence, but it was a load of fun to create and it’s a beautifully silly challenge to read out loud with realistic inflection. I did reference a concise dictionary, but I think that’s acceptable for the last half a dozen words! That was my first attempt, and I think I’m going to try another…

Making an alphabet sentence really gets your brain going! If you come up with one, please post it in the comments. 😀

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  1. damn you brat.

    awful billowing clouds descended enveloping fussing grandmas, hail itterated jammed knotted lanes, malordorous noxious odours probing, querying rats, skittering through umbrellas, veritable wetness, xerostomia yawning zipped.

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