Martha Stewart would so never

The bottom of the letter requested that I bring a sample of my morning urine. I figured that sort of thing is meant to be carried in a medical specimen vessel of some sort, so being unprepared, I took nothing. I came away from my annual doctor appointment with these lovely little containers for use before my next visit, but really, I’m fighting the urge to turn them into salt and pepper shakers. They’d be perfect, if not a little twitch inducing at the dinner table.

Until it stops being so dreadfully snowy, slushy, and rainy outside, this is what I had to take a picture of today.
Wrinkle your nose at Mother Nature, ’cause I just do what the voices tell me.

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9 thoughts on “Martha Stewart would so never”

  1. Sure I do DaddyP- I never miss a grain of salt on the broccoli! Wait… you did mean aim with my condiments, right? 😉

  2. My Mom made salt and pepper shakers out of shorty cans of Pabst, so I don’t see any reason not to turn those into shakers. You could sell them in your Etsy store!

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