Free textures for Photoshop to the rescue

No matter how many good photos we show off on flickr, there are always more rubbish ones that you’d never show anyone. Behold, one of mine:

It’s boring, it’s flat, it’s from a moving car, has glass reflections and power lines. Ugh. I’m not even sure why it was still in my iPhoto library!*

I decided to challenge myself to rescue that terrible photo with my own free Photoshop textures. Putting my imaginary money where my mouth is, I present the result:

A bit of Photoshop touch up on the power lines and reflections, a considered crop, two textures and some colour tweaking and it’s a completely different photograph. I hope this encourages you to have a play. You can pick up my textures at flickr and deviantArt.

*(Actually, I kept it because it’s from my home state of Indiana and I sometimes feel nostalgic.)

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