Another year older today

It’s my birthday… I’m * cough cough cough * years old.

If you want to do some vague math, I found the “Please look after this bear” tag from my Paddington Bear yesterday and although I think I was closer to six or seven when I got him, the tag is printed with 1975. That stock of bears might have been in a warehouse for a few years… Another clue, I was five when Star Wars was released and I saw it from the back of a station wagon in an Indiana drive-in movie cinema. I also remember the radio news of the death of Elvis.

Truth is, I’m glad I had a childhood in the seventies, and with that comes the total acceptance of being in my thirties now. I don’t ever wish I was younger, as to achieve it would certainly sacrifice an important era in my life. I like being in my thirties, even the later ones. πŸ˜‰

I may update this post later with a photo or more words, but I thought I’d get something out here as Daddy Papersurfer has already been around with birthday wishes on another post.

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14 thoughts on “Another year older today”

  1. Thank you Cheryl! I think this year is going to be wonderful!

    Thank you Maddie! Perhaps one of these days we’ll meet up in some foreign city and toast past, present, and future. * mwah *
    (ditto and you’re welcome!)

    Thank you Penfold! When did you start surfing? As an old skateboarder, perhaps my goal of moving to Spain may inspire a new interest in board-riding of an aquatic nature… πŸ˜‰

  2. I was a mere 32 years of age when I first started surfing. There’s amazing surf on the north and west coasts of Spain (Galicia/Asturias) and it’s good in the winter in the south west (near Cadiz/El Palmar).
    You should come to Portugal for a holiday and you and Tango can learn together! x

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