Sketching through the smoke


I’ve been doing several sketches lately and the visual design process is giving me a lot of joy. I haven’t flexed my ‘ideation’ muscles much over the years but art was always my first love. Art is also a source of intense frustration for me as the things in my head are often locked behind a foggy mental curtain and it’s like chopping through smoke to try to get to them. Writing is like this as well. I have always felt both doomed and fortunate to have these passions.

In keeping with my vow to open an ETSY shop, I’m chopping through as much smoke as I can. I’ll have some good stuff to share soon.

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4 thoughts on “Sketching through the smoke”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    Young Jen is a little older today
    And is wise and arty and terribly gay
    I predict a wonderful year
    With very changeable hair
    Good things will happen
    With no discernible pattern
    And Welshman should learn to “do as I say!”

    …….. have a good ‘un

  2. Aw- you didn’t even wait for my sooper-dooper birthday post! I’ll let it slide, Mr DaddyP. And thank you! x

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