Learning and ignoring what I’ve learned before

This lovely bottle of La Fee Absinthe XS Suisse 53abv 70cl is waiting for the right evening to be sampled. I was trying to use a set of studio lamps given to me by Neil, but my ‘have a stab at it without reading up on them’ approach failed me. I’m certain we’ve got something on our bookshelf that will give me some direction. And Neil has promised to give me a lesson in lighting. It would be so much nicer if I could just instantly do things correctly without all that pesky learning and struggling stuff. 😉

Unrelated to the lovely subject of the above photo, I’m nursing a little hangover this morning. I know, I should know better. I’ve had worse, and this one is not without its gnawing charm. I made the poor decision to drain that last glass of red wine out of the box rather than to leave it for another day. That was a mistake, let me tell you. I think that if the box wines were see-through and I could tell how much is left without putting it into a glass, yeah, that could be helpful. They already do that though- in bottles… * sigh * Time for a headache pill and more water.

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