corrupting him with my food

Later today, if we’re lucky and the ParcelForce gods are smiling down upon us, we will have a box of American breakfast treats. Specifically, Aunt Jemima stuff, grits, and buttermilk biscuits. Oh, and a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, but that’s less a breakfast food than the rest really.

In the over four years I’ve lived in England, I have not once ordered American foods from a specialist importer. I have brought a few things over (Hidden Valley Ranch packets and Oreos), and friends and family have sent comfort food care packages in the past, but overall, what I haven’t had I haven’t much missed. But the other day, as I was preparing a grocery list of what we’ll be serving to his family for Christmas breakfast, Neil mentioned his love of grits.

Unfortunately, grits are not a food that anyone outside of the southern states of America seems to take very seriously. You can get them throughout the US, but they are a distinctly southern dish. Neil fell for them a few years ago and then again the last time we were in the US visiting family. Buttermilk biscuits and grits. Neil’s unexplainable connection with the US south is undeniable.

I found, what I think, is the most reasonable place to get them, and a wealth of other American goodies, based on unit price, delivery charges, and range diversity: The Stateside Candy Company. I’m sure I won’t order often, as these things are a luxury to have, but for a few tubs of grits and cheap(er) maple syrup, ordering a couple of times a year won’t hurt the bank balance much.

Fingers crossed we get our package today; I’d love to make up some grits for the in-laws on Christmas morning!

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9 thoughts on “corrupting him with my food”

  1. Too bad I didnt know that you loved these – I threw out an unopened box of grits last week…

    My latest orders include:

    Big League Chew
    Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup
    Lucky Charms
    and Miracle Whip (mmmmm)

    Man I love eBay!

  2. For chocolates/junk try the Italian Continental Store down Norfolk Road, just the other side of Kidwells Park, they do a random assortment of American stuff which I binge on sometimes, that or burgle Tim’s office when he’s out, he has a mountain of Twinkys/Twinkies (amongst other things).

  3. @Geneva: I never thought about trying eBay for that stuff… God, I haven’t had Big League Chew in maybe 15 years! I loved that bubble gum when I was younger!

    Yup, love grits. Tonight is grits, veg sausage, toast, and hash browns. It’ll be like we’re in a Bob Evans! 😀

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