stubborn to my germy little core

So I’ve been ill for a couple of weeks. I think I’m now in week number three of the chest/head thing and it has totally overstayed its welcome, raided the fridge, and ran off with the silver. Bastard. I tend to drag these things out far longer than they would naturally last because I’m too stubborn to just stay home and get through it. I feel like a pud for not going to work when I’m scheduled, even if I’m nearly ejecting my lungs from coughing and sweating more than a prize fighter. I did myself no favours by returning to work too soon and so I’m paying for my poor decisions now.

In good news, Neil is back from business in San Francisco. He’s jet-lagged but that’s to be expected. We went out for a really excellent meal yesterday to celebrate his return, as well as my four-year anniversary of living in the UK, which actually occurred on Guy Fawkes night. We opted for Chinese food at a restaurant we’d never tried, and its name makes me giggle: Wu Tang. I actually had to play a Wu Tang Clan song before we could get in the car and go. Not being a big Wu Tang Clan fan, I only have one song by them on my iPod, but I cranked it up on the home cinema surround and wiggled around the living room like the rhythm-less white girl I am. The Wu Tang food was excellent and we had a nice bottle of wine. Hurrah!

NaNoWriMo is slow going as I’ve not been well, but I have not given up on getting my first draft done. The month is more than half gone, but I’ve got my story worked out (mostly worked out, anyway) on paper and just need to be awake and alive enough to get the words out. Right now, I’ve got over 7,500 words done, and if that’s what I can do when I feel half-dead, then my progress should only skyrocket from there. Go, me!

But tonight, as I wind down in a recliner with a cup of honey green tea, I’m considering going to bed before 9:00. I worked a full day today and it really took it out of me. I can barely see to type this, let alone get a word count updated for my NaNoWriMo challenge. No worries though- I feel very positive about my efforts this year. I will finish. šŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “stubborn to my germy little core”

  1. Wu Tang is a very funny place indeed. We’ve not been in a while, but the food has always been good. The atmosphere is quite something.

    Do they still have karaoke videos projected onto one wall?

  2. @Drew- we were actually the only customers in there as we went just past the time they opened on a Sunday. Good food, good atmosphere. Perhaps we need to try a Saturday night for watching karaoke projections… šŸ™‚

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