Like falling for an ugly puppy

I was ill most of last week and in that weakened state I did a lot of internet surfing. Amazon is always good for passive entertainment, but especially so when ill. I spent HOURS wandering their virtual aisles, bargain hunting and dreaming, cleaning out my wish list and replenishing it with new marvels and trinkets.

And then I found THE BOOTS. [Insert angel choir and sunbeams here.]
I’m a sucker for green, a sucker for funky patterns, and a sucker for shoes. Doomed, I spotted the price- marked down from £35.00 to £8.75 and with Amazon’s new low free shipping qualification, £8.75 was the final price. How could I resist!

If you hurry, they may still have your size.
(UK only, according to the product notes.)

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8 thoughts on “Like falling for an ugly puppy”

  1. OMG. Those boots are sooo……give me a minute……I’m searching for a word. Uh….remarkable! Yes, remarkable. And at such a low price. Imagine that! 🙂

  2. Ah Kev, you saw the budding regularjen all shiny and new…
    I have my old Polywogg posts backed up as pdfs somewhere. Memories, eh? 😀

  3. I couldn’t tell! I’d ask if you were drinking when you bought the boots, but that is a sick purchase if I ever did see one. 🙂

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