6 November

The use of a date as a post title unfortunately doesn’t mean I’m in Spain, it just means that my brain is mush.

I’m on day four of a course of antibiotics for a chest and head cold/infection/demonic-possession but needed to walk to town today. This served two purposes: show my face at work (I always feel so guilty when I’m ill) and to restock my medicine cabinet. Last night I was tonguing an upside-down bottle of cough syrup for dribbles like a hamster at his water bottle. Like it or not, I had to go out.

I got my required pharmaceuticals, and got sent home from work. Again. Fair enough- I’d only sweat and cough all day anyway, and something tells me that I wouldn’t contribute to positive sales numbers in that state.

NaNoWriMo progress yesterday! It was the first day in several that I didn’t feel like crying because my head hurt so bad, so I celebrated with 230 words and a couple of unrelated sketches. Hooray! After I rest a little bit this morning, I plan on trying to write some more. I’m far behind in the recommended daily word count, but I’m sure I can catch up as my health improves. I am both optimistic and capable.

Neil is in San Francisco on a work trip, but he’s finding bits of free time here and there to do some cool photography and pen and ink sketches. Go check them out on his flickr page.

I’d also like to send a big Happy Birthday to Daddy Papersurfer who turns 60 today! He’s a sunbeam of silliness and humour and a real pleasure to know in the blog-o-sphere. Cheers to you Daddy P and many, many more!

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8 thoughts on “6 November”

  1. I got sent home from work at about 11.00 this morning.
    I hate stupid germs…and I have far too much to do to be ill! 🙁

  2. @Karen: Oh sweetie! Hope you get well soon. I’m starting to come out of my germy yuckiness, but at least this November I’ve cut my illness time in half by getting to the doctor early. Hope yours doesn’t get that bad. x

  3. Have you tried a shot of Brandy yet? My grandma swears that cures a cough, but she was drunk a lot, so I don’t know if I’d take her advice.

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