The advantage of being contagious

Yesterday was terrible. I’ve got this cold/chest thing and according to my general patterns with such things, my lungs fill with muck and I feel near death for a week or two. I have manageable asthma (a change in climate did me good, whereas in the US it was pharmaceutically managed asthma) and a history of picking up bronchitis like a chav does chips. Not to mention my rather tender sinuses. Oh, the joy. I get ill like it’s an extreme sport.

With this illness, however, I took charge. Sort of. I got ready for work (threw on a bandana and packed my medicine cabinet) and walked the 20 minutes or so to the employee entrance. I was turned away (and rightly so) by my boss and told “I appreciate you walking here, but go home.” I instead walked straight to my GP. No more being stubborn, I needed a doctor.

Top Tip: When you look bundled up for a blizzard on a reasonably mild winter day, are sweating profusely, have a scarf covering your face (one of two I was wearing), and can only bark out the words “Tried to work- got sent away. Need antibiotics, something,” even on a very busy Monday morning, they will find you a free doctor fast. I was on my way to the pharmacist within twenty minutes. This is the advantage of being (or at least looking) contagious.

I’m on day two of my medicine and can’t tell if there’s any change. I know to finish the course and that it’s always possible that the underlying cause is viral and not treatable by antibiotics. I don’t remember if I saw the doctor last year for this or not, but if I did, I’m sure it wasn’t until I’d suffered a great deal more and missed a lot more work. Being stubborn isn’t always my best quality. 😉

And no update to my wordcount yesterday. My head hurt so bad that I nearly cried. I think I would’ve only written a whimpering string of tear-dampened expletives if I’d attempted my NaNoWriMo target. Maybe later today I’ll manage some progress. First- breakfast, and more medicine.

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