The winter chalet

Behold, a boring picture of our fish, Terrance (the orange one) and Phillip (the non-orange one).

We’ve moved them into a nice little aquarium on the balcony for the winter, where they are in no danger of freezing up. The space is a well protected one, and the boys are enjoying their new digs. They’ve got a coffee cup to shelter in, a tangle of pond plants to feel secure and fight off homesickness, and a killer view of the world from several stories up.

There’s also some frog spawn from the pond in the tank, and with any luck we’ll have baby frogs up here as well as down in the garden. Evidently, our little frog buddies find our garden a fine place to raise a family and we couldn’t be happier. Go, nature!

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7 thoughts on “The winter chalet”

  1. Thank you! They’re very happy right now too: mostly new water = oxygen high. πŸ™‚

    I must admit, I like seeing them from more angles than above. I can see why people dig aquariums.

  2. Why, thank you sir. Pleased it passes rigourous quality testing. πŸ˜€

    I figured pics of my fish is kind of like random people showing off pics of their kids- nice and all, but really not interesting.
    Pleased to be proven incorrect. πŸ™‚

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