13 October

13 October:
Neil is among the living and the clouds have mostly disappeared. We haven’t had much in rain since the electrical storms but a haze has remained over the Costa Blanca. The thick air hasn’t been overly humid and that is a blessing. Neither of us can imagine the heat of Spain in the summer months, as early October seems to suit us just fine. The haze isn’t great for taking photos, but we have persevered and have both taken pictures that please us regardless of the weather.

We’ve investigated local towns and driven winding mountain roads, experienced pockets of non-tourist Spain, and shopped for our own food as a preference to eating many meals out. I actually love cooking in the countries we visit; I love finding ingredients, reading labels in foreign languages, and tearing my often overly complex style of cooking down to the most basic of ingredients. Here, as is the case most of the time we travel, salt is my only spice. Meals in Spain are mostly high quality pasta, risotto, olive oil, broccoli, salmon pate, sea-fresh prawns, still-warm fresh breads, and Sangria. Everything is local and everything is inexpensive. I bought two-thirds of a kilo of sea-fresh prawns for a tiny 6 Euros. They were amazing and the fishes in the supermarket are tempting me as well.

Food, in short, is fantastic. Even when we do eat out, the quality and presentations are tops. Tapas can be a tad expensive for two and are clearly priced for the mightier wallets of tourists, but we did indulge yesterday and enjoyed it thoroughly. We had ours at a seaside café and it could be argued that that is where we went wrong with finances. One meal we have yet to sample is a proper mariscos paella. This is a goal for before we board the plane destined for Britain.

(Note: Due to the infrequency of obtaining wifi, these posts may appear in spurts and could be dated a bit oddly.)

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