10 October

Sunny Spain disappeared behind a bank of electrical storms and rain a couple of days ago and with the departure of the glorious sunshine so fell too a darkness on Neil’s health. He’s been ill for several days and I have been practising and expanding my limited Spanish language vocabulary at the local pharmacy. We experienced a power outage lasting over an hour last evening, but these things aren’t so bad for a couple of only children with ADD. We went for a gentle walk to the seaside in the dark and watched the lightening strobe the sky a few miles out at sea. Not wishing to test his poor health further, we found our way back to the resort, improvised silly songs, and played an Air-Hockey video game on his iPhone until the lights came on again. The situation would have been perfectly accompanied by Sangria, but we didn’t dare open the refrigerator not knowing how long the power might be out.

(Above: on the mountain road to Javea, Spain)

Though he’s been in bed or on the sofa for the better part of three days, we’re trying to keep in good spirits. The singular upside to the past few days is that we are saving silly amounts of money and if you could only guess how many hours we are spending with the English-speaking business reports on television, then you will know that saving a little money during the unspeakable global financial crisis is actually a very good thing.

(Note: Due to the infrequency of obtaining wifi, these posts may appear in spurts and could be dated a bit oddly.)

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