We arrived after a delayed flight, got the car, hit the road to our resort near sundown, got lost after dark, found the resort, avoided foreign language pressure sales for package meals and spa treatments (they wanted decisions and money and we just wanted to put our suitcases in the room), went for the remains of the evening buffet around 10PM, and then crashed hard till the next morning.
Saturday, you could say, was not really our first day in Spain.

Sunday was, and it was lovely!
Have some photos! (more on flickr and many more to go up in the coming week or so)

I’ll try to upload more and update in a few days.

We are loving Spain! πŸ˜€

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2 thoughts on “Spain!”

  1. Have fun! I just came back from a holiday on the Costa Brava and it was lovely (although it was colder than I’d have liked). You photo looks sunnier so I wish you a lot of good weather πŸ˜€

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