Little Frog!

A few days ago I blogged about the big frog in our garden pond.
Today I discovered Little Frog!

This late morning, I scooped out about half of the pond water, used the waste to water the garden plants, then began picking out leaves, seed pods, and other muck from the pond. That’s when I spotted our new little friend swimming around. Hooray! Rupert (that’s what we named the bigger frog) has a friend/girlfriend/sibling/child/acquaintance!
Whatever their relationship (if there is one at all), Rupert and Little Frog both seem to think that our small, manmade body of water is worthy of hanging around.

Our fish are still with us, despite my poor track record with fish-keeping. Terrance and Philip (yes, that’s what we named them) are lively, seemingly healthy, and are renewing my faith in my fish-mama skills.

With any luck, we’ll still have fish and frogs in the springtime and beyond. For now, it’s time to prepare for winter and the lads (Terrance & Philip) will be avoiding the freeze by relocating to an outdoor tank on our balcony. We’ll still keep water in the pond over the winter since we seem to have wildlife to support. What a truly wonderful situation to be in!

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