Reader from Sony

Above is our Sony PRS-505 Reader on a stack of traditional format paperback books. The Sony device is thin, sturdy, and very capable. Although Mac and Linux support is almost non-existent for the importing of DRM-encoded books, we’ve authorised the unit through a Windows Vista operating system and are able to purchase and download Reader eBooks from Waterstone’s without any issues now. Mac to Reader book transfers are just a drag-n-drop away. Bliss!

Neil will be road-testing the Sony Reader on our upcoming holiday. Usage at home has so far been a very good experience.

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3 thoughts on “Reader from Sony”

  1. I was looking at these in Waterstones in Reading on Saturday, and I have to say – I am tempted.

    I thought I wouldn’t like it, because I like the tactile feel of a book…but its a nice device, good size and quite responsive.


  2. Look, what’s wrong with a book? I really can’t see the point when one can quite as easily take ones enormous library on holiday with one at enormous expense. Rather than find your selected work at the touch of a button, it is far easier to get a little man from the village to do it, while one relaxes under ones parasol and takes afternoon Darjeeling and scones.

    Call me old fashioned, but there it is.

  3. I, myself, will be relying on the attentiveness of a rotating troop of pool boys. “Be a dear, Pablo, and fetch me a bookmark and a mojito…”

    Technology, bah. šŸ˜‰

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