We have a guest!

I took this a few days ago in our garden. I was checking up on our fish (we have two little goldfish in our pond) and just before I went back inside I had one more look at our pond…
Look who I spotted!

I snapped a few cameraphone photos and did some research. Thanks to the internet, I learned our amphibian friend is definitely a frog and not a toad. If you’d like to know the differences, check out these two handy sites:

Evidently, habitat is in short supply for frogs, so if you have one in your pond be pleased! We certainly are! 😀

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5 thoughts on “We have a guest!”

  1. We named him Rupert. 🙂

    I fear he may have been using our pond as a B&B, for we haven’t seen him in a day or so now. It’s at least nice to know that we have a creature-friendly back garden! Hooray for urban wildlife!

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