Limitations and a friendly war

Sometimes I wish I could open up and tell you all what I do for “the part-time job” portion of my life. Suffice it to say that I don’t sell drugs (or myself), and I don’t crack the whip over child labourers sewing sequins on clothes for [insert high street clothing shop of choice here], but I do sell my soul a little for the almighty pound note. Overall, I enjoy it thoroughly, and even more-so today. One of my colleagues and I have entered into a contest with the boss regarding a month of sales figures. He left a plain envelope tacked to the staff-room bulletin board today, addressed to me in black magic marker. Inside I found the sales figures for the first 6 days of our friendly competition…

He wrote nothing but the overall totals on printed lists of relevant product. We’re close. Really close. He didn’t have any reason to brag and we’re nipping at his heels. Today continued that trend. The winner of this little wager receives something that is valuable to the individual: he wins a half a day unpaid work from each of us, or we win gift vouchers.
This is so good. 🙂

Though the information here is intentionally vague, (discussing work specifics online has always been a personal no-no for me), suffice it to say that I’m enjoying the friendly war. I’m challenged, I’m being strategic, and I’m getting to show that I know my stuff. Shit, isn’t that a good position to be in?

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  1. Jen Jen Jen! How is the war these days? I haven’t had an update since I left for pastures new! x x x

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