Can anyone claim to not be political?

This is gonna be brief because my head is going to explode from it all.

Just watched about twenty minutes of the Republican convention – the Giuliani part.
I found myself heckling the television. (Not something I normally do.)
I looked upon the glazed-over young Republicans, the mannequin wives, the sea of cowboy hats… there were several times, in the twenty minutes I watched, that I expected to see white robes and pointy white hats, waving rifles in one hand and little American flags on sticks in the other. It was, at times and subtly, a hate rally wrapped in grey suits and Mary Kay cosmetics. Neil noticed it too.

I’ve never claimed to be affiliated with any particular party. I’ve voted in elections since I was eighteen and am hoping my ballot gets to me in time to vote as an expat in this one. I’ve never been politically enthusiastic but I’ve been concerned about certain issues, no doubt about it. I am only just starting to pay attention to this US presidential election (I waited until the final candidates were chosen) and I am seriously afraid for the wonderful country that the rest of my family and friends live in.

I’m not saying I’d like you to vote for Obama, but holy cow please take a good look at the candidates and almost as importantly, look at the supporters. For every fist-thrusting nutter in a glittery cowboy hat zombie-chanting that Obama is a “Zero” there are hundreds more standing behind claiming to not be political but will follow the biggest bully when it comes to marking a ballot. I think the White House has had eight years too many of bully attitude.

I feel the US political process is broken and the only way I see out is “Change” whether or not Giuliani tries to spin “Change” as not all good…

My family cannot afford to live under four more years of Republican “leadership” and I’m hoping to hell I get a ballot in time to help insure they don’t have to.

Oh, and for the record, I love me a cowboy hat, but not in Republican convention context. 😉

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12 thoughts on “Can anyone claim to not be political?”

  1. American politics confuses me…saying that, so does British politics. It seems that in America, religion plays a big part in politics, as well as the personalities/families of the candidates, more so than their political policies, which seems odd to me. (I could be wrong, as I said, I don’t really understand it).It also scares me a little, as America is considered a ‘super-power’ and I don’t know what the political policies are.

  2. I’m not voting of course, but I could never scrawl my X for someone quite so puffy-jowled as Mr McCain (or anyone who invented oven chips, delicious as they might be).

  3. @Karen: It’s because Americans are trained like Pavlov’s dogs to respond to patriotism and an inherent desire to protect one’s beliefs no matter how insane while simultaneously demonizing everyone else that has opposing or even slightly incongruent ideas.

    simply: we’re fucked up.

    How do you fight insanity?

  4. I just love that on a post about elections, Google ads picks up a minority point and advertises HATS.

    Picking up a much deeper topic? 😉

  5. I agree with your opinions – have a few of my own about this over at my site, but I have to admit, I heckle the television.

    Often. Especially the news.

    Oh the shame.

  6. I honestly don’t want either candidate to be president. I am not going to vote. Before you jump on me for not voting, hear me out.

    I have been following these candidates for over a year. I do not believe or believe in either of them. I have thought about it quite seriously, and I cannot, in good conscience, vote for someone I don’t trust.

    @ Karen. You’re right.

    @ christian. So are you.

  7. @ Lo, TG. Not as far as I know. I wish there was an option for “None of the Above”. It would be really interesting to see how many checked that one.

    What we really need is a revolution so we could start fresh. I don’t want a military coup d’etat, just a nice peaceful revolution (as if that oxymoron will ever happen). We are no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

  8. @ jEn’s Mom – sell your vote to someone abroad who would love to have a say! *

    I’m also an American ex-pat in Britain and I called yesterday to double check that my voting registration was there and ready to go.

    McCain fills me with fear, so I’m an Obama girl. We get along well over in our socialist corner.

    * Except not really because it is illegal.

  9. Its excellent to see (some) citizens of the US such as yourself seeing the total insanity of these conventions. Looking at them via the media externally (I’m Australian) they appear to be a weird parody of the democratic process..a spectacle . Mostly they are warning to us to maintain or repair the integrity and our own democratic processes. Tks.

  10. Christian said: “It‚Äôs because Americans are trained like Pavlov‚Äôs dogs to respond to patriotism” .. totally agreed. Friend of mine was with an Australian gov’t trade mission during the Olympics in China – he said it felt the same as in the US (albeit much more socially all-encompassing) – young Chinese being totally blind to what their country was doing to its citizens and others. Yes .. I do hope that personality politics dies out in the States so that the real horrors that Bush etc is made visible during this campaign…

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