Punch lands on target, induces deletion

You’re getting me after a couple of celebratory glasses of Pinot Grigio, but I just had to say that my investment in time and expensive stationery seems to have done the trick and another content thief has been dealt with today.

If you follow me on Twitter (or are meatspace humans Mom, Pete, Neil, Cathy, or Naomi) then you know that I spotted my blog post Spatial Awareness clipped and repurposed on a revenue-generating site NOT created by me. Not run by me, authored by me, approved, endorsed, lovingly tended by, read by or appreciated by me. Actually, the site really made me especially angry for taking my copy and repurposing it on a site earning advertising money from people looking for information regarding Attention Deficit Disorder. Followers of this blog can guess how very seriously this rubbed me the wrong way.

Anyway, I drafted a properly legal Cease & Desist letter and air-mailed copies to the two site owner addresses I dug up. I also sent them to NetworkSolutions and to the nameserver ISP that hosts the infringing site. By the time I came home from work today, the ISP had contacted me twice, the second time telling me that the content had been removed from their customer’s website. Very relieving.

This is the second content thief I’ve dealt with in the past few months. Both situations have been resolved in my favour, but if I consider myself on top of my content protection, imagine how many blogs and websites are having their copyrighted material stolen every day. What a horrifying thing to think about.

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