Scans and the importance of bad photography

I took some time to scan in 40 or so photos I took about ten or twelve years ago. No retouching, just scanned ’em and stuck them up on flickr. My photography ten years ago was much more about remembering where I’d been rather than capturing a decent composition. If I hadn’t taken the shot below in such a way, I’d not have remembered so much about the place, the feel, and the time. I’m glad that many of these are more observation than art, because a decade on, I need the holes filled in my memory more than I need a macro of the moment.

(Above: skulls nailed to trees marking a private driveway. If that doesn’t say KEEP OUT, I’m not sure what would. Oh, and there were red reflectors in the eye sockets. Yeah. See the photo much larger on flickr.)

Also of interest to anyone from Indiana – or specifically, Richmond, Indiana – I’ve put photos of the Starr Piano Company and Gennett Records buildings up before demolition and renovation. Enjoy.

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