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I’ve mentioned that I’m learning/re-learning Spanish language. To get me used to hearing it I’m also listening to Spanish internet radio stations through iTunes. It’s not easy to dig these up as most of the stations listed in iTunes are Latin Spanish and not European Spanish stations- makes a big difference depending on the pronunciations you need to become familiar with.

Many stations exist on the web but don’t outwardly advertise their compatibility with iTunes. With a little digging you can play loads more European Spanish stations than you thought possible. You won’t be able to use iTunes to play Windows Media or Real Player (or OGG, if you’re finding a few of those too), but any WinAmp stations should open up nicely. Look at the streaming links for files ending in or containing .m3u, .mp3, or .pls – you can use those. Copy that streaming url link to your clipboard*. Now in iTunes, go to the Advanced menu. Choose Open Stream and paste in the url. iTunes should bring that station into your main Music area where you can then drag it into a custom playlist to organise your added radio stations.

iTunes Open Stream
Paste the streaming URL from your clipboard in the Open Stream box

If you’d like a group of (mostly) European Spanish stations to start with, here’s a list I’ve put together for use in iTunes. To make things even easier, you should be able to simply click one of my links below and it will automatically load into iTunes. Call it my gift to you. 😉
Several were obtained though There’s a variety of stations in the list below and sometimes the music may not be your (or my) preferred style, but the important thing is to get your brain hearing Spanish by native speakers. Even if you keep it at a low volume whilst you work, you’ll start soaking it in. You will still have to learn the language on your own (see my last post) but it can’t hurt to listen to the local radio. Good luck!


*You may have to View Source to see the real links. Go to View > View Source and skim through till you see the url you need. (or use a Find command to jump through quickly)

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5 thoughts on “Spanish Radio Stations for iTunes”

  1. Thanks for that. I have an odd compulsion within which I enjoy listening to and watching non-English video news. I like running through my downloaded iTunes podcasts from Heute Journal etc. whilst working. At one point I had this Spanish podcast, a sort of Entertainment Tonight, perhaps:

    Best wishes on the habla y escutchan-ing (erk, sorry: been too many years since my high-school Spanish courses).

  2. I do occasionally listen to Polish radio, just to get used to the language. They are quite interesting, but it all seems to be spoken/sang very quickly, which makes it difficult….Spanish radio is probably the same I guess.

  3. I suppose the same could be said of English language too. Hell, I have a friend from Toledo, Ohio (Hi, Steve!) who speaks so quickly and with a quirky accent that I used to have to translate his words for people right there in front of him! Of course, get me in the middle of an ADHD frenzy, add coffee, and understanding me can be a challenge…

    I’m loving the Spanish radio. (Even if lots of the music sounds like Eurovision at times.) 😉

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