It’s like she knows

Martha Stewart is testing me. I just sat down to get back into my outlining process (for the novel I’m working on) and fleetingly thought about how I’m getting tired of all the “Organizing” silliness Martha keeps sending me. I thought about how it’s similar to getting forwarded emails from that one co-worker or relative that everyone has- the one that forwards you every (fake) missing child alert, a dozen photos of huggably-snuggly puppies and kittens doing nauseatingly cutesy things, and animated gif greetings for every national holiday. All while exposing your email address to 53 of her other closest friends. (At least Martha manages that part properly.)

So while I was thinking about annoying aunty Martha (sending me emails I signed up for – I guess I only have me to blame), she sent me a “Whole Living” email with natural allergy remedies! As with all of her email tips, this has valuable information, and so I skim it, decide on my action, and then hit delete. But she was in there fast. Perfect timing. So a point to you, Martha Stewart. Just while I was still cursing your earlier email with a clever re-use of a fabric placemat as a custom art supply organiser, you hit me literally between the eyes with home-made allergy remedies. Bravo!

And I’m still not unsubscribing. I’m not sure why, but I’m not.
I think that means she’s won…

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