It’s coming together

Though my attention span hasn’t been at its best over the past week, I believe fear is partly to blame. I’ll explain.

My novel outline is coming along really well. New ideas, plot twists, and understanding of structure have come to me more through this process than by ‘going it alone’ with a blank page (digital or Moleskine)- a rather hit and miss ‘process’ that has failed me several times over. Progress can be a scary thing. If it’s going well, it’s got to keep going well, right? But what if it doesn’t? This is where the lack of focus and attention span are finding strength and doing battle against me. (Like I need more of that!)

Every writer, I’m certain, goes through some measure of what is putting the buzz of fear in me right now. Even the cocksure, inebriated, and drug-laced writers (past and present) will have doubt. That’s a comforting thought. To a certain extent, a very positive thing. Keeps me understanding this is hard work; I have to earn it. Everyone with an honestly crafted title to their name earned it.

Progress is a tiny bit slower than I’d like, but I’m doing what I can.
And it’s working. That’s the important bit, isn’t it.

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2 thoughts on “It’s coming together”

  1. Sounds like you’re making great progress, Jen.

    If the book has anything to do with that freaky-assed photo of that building, I’ll be excited to read it, albeit from within the safety of my firmly-tucked duvet. 🙂

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