Endangered buildings and baseball

Through doing research on the novel I’m working on I stumbled upon the 10 Most Endangered Buildings list for Indiana. I, of course, nosed through to see if there are any that I recognise. There are. My birth town has a huge building facing demolition; we drove past it during our recent travels to the area. It’s sad, but the building that tugged a little more at my heart strings was one in Indianapolis: Bush Stadium. I should explain that I’m no baseball fan. Not even close. I watched the Dodgers with my Papaw when I was a little girl and joined forces with him to root against my Grandma’s favourite team, the Cincinnati Reds. I’ve been to a handful of baseball games, all minor league, but I probably only went for the hot dogs, peanuts, and cotton candy*. Well, with one exception: The Fourth of July at Bush Stadium.

I won’t pretend to know how many times my Mom and Dad took me to see the fireworks that followed the Indianapolis Indians game, but I remember loving the show. I seem to remember hating it when the games went into extra innings, but that the pops, bangs, whizzes, and sparkling displays quickly worked wonders on the boredom of a little girl made to endure a baseball game start to finish. I’m sure they just kept feeding me to keep me still and quiet. My Mom will likely shed some comment light on all of this. I’ve never been known for my precise or complete power of recollection.

So Bush Stadium is under threat of demolition. Part of me understands that it can’t be sensible to keep an unused monolith empty and crumbling, but there is a piece of my heart that goes out to all the adults and kids who may have the same (and hopefully, more complete) fond memories of baseball and fireworks. I may not remember much, but I know for certain that any time we went to see the Indians play ball on the fourth of July that it was special. Thank you Mom and Dad!

*Mom, I’m looking for your input here.

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