Box of Postcards

Back in early May I launched a site called Box of Postcards. It’s a site showcasing a stack of my vintage postcard collection. Everything from shuffleboarders in Florida to Abraham Lincoln, Box of Postcards has the quirky vintage you never knew you needed, but I promise you’ll love.

Starting today I am posting a twelve part series from a vintage postcard folder of images showing the grubby, muddy, growth of Ranger, Texas in the early 1900s oil industry expansion. It’s fascinating and the captions for each photo are wonderful. Did you see “There Will Be Blood“? Then check this set out as there are scandalous similarities.

Below is a sliver of an upcoming image from the Ranger, Texas series.
The first images (sampled above) are already up now.

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  1. Yup. And according to Wikipedia, their current population is only a little over 2,500. Guess that oil boom didn’t last…

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