Keep those copywriters out of my bath

British bath tubs tend to be a little taller than American ones. I’ve suffered bruised knees and Neil recently twisted his rather unpleasantly whilst attempting to exit our tub. A better grip on the surface was needed; the solution was to get a bath mat. I of course bought the cheapest one I could find and found this sheet of instructions with it:

That’s 175 words of copy to tell the consumer how to use a rubber mat. No moving parts, no fuel requirements. Just a bath mat. For those using a low or no graphics method of reading this post, I apologise for not retyping the instructions for you but it’s nearly 200 words of time I’ll never get back. And I’d have to include the typos. You wouldn’t make me do that would you?

I’ve had less detailed instructions for building entertainment units. So far we seem to be operating the mat just fine, though I must admit that I only skimmed the instruction leaflet. I’m considering filing it- just in case I get stuck operating the mat in the future.

Just goes to show there is never a shortage of work for copywriters, even bad ones.

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