Spatial Awareness

Neil has been away on a business trip in San Francisco for the better part of two weeks. As evident in the above photo, I’ve used my increased living space appropriately.
I’m thinking we might need a bigger bed.

The time alone has been really good for me. I have painted, written, photographed, and read. I’ve watched almost no television, talked on the phone very little (that actually hasn’t changed), and have spent a lot of time with nothing to distract me from my own thoughts. I’ve made some plans (confidential for now), and re-learned what it is to be an only child. I’ve worried about no one’s food, laundry, coffee, or care but my own and will work a variation of that into our lifestyle upon his return. He’s an only child too, and will understand.

I have decided I like doing things first thing in the morning. I like getting laundry and dishes done before I sit down to my desk for the day. I like breakfast outdoors, if only to be sitting on the balcony. I don’t even mind eating alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss Neil and want him home, but it’s been good to be alone for a bit to reboot my brain and well-being. The last time he left for business, I was not in the best place mentally or emotionally. This time is different. I’ve been taking St John’s Wort and Omega 3-6-9 oils everyday since February of this year and the fighting chance they give me makes all the difference in the world. My moods still swing, but it’s more of a gentle sway than Tarzan between trees. You could almost say I feel in control. Almost.

Today is about getting started on a very important project, or rather, turning one into a successful project. It’s also about the last bit of time for myself, with only myself.

Oh, and clearing off his side of the bed…

Honey? You sure they don’t need you to attend a few more meetings out there? 😉

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