Lost count of the miles on memory lane

A recent mention in an RSS feed I follow celebrated a blogger who had crossed the 1000 post mark. This got me thinking about my own run on the amusement park log ride that is blogging. I have no idea how many blog posts I’ve written during my time on the internet. That would involve, like, math and stuff. (And a dig around some databases, I think.)

Here’s what I do know:

Before the regularjen.com you see here – and hopefully like enough to visit again and again – I blogged under the moniker on a short-lived blogging platform (starting in 2003), Polywogg. Here’s a header graphic from that old thing:
My first header image as 'regularjen' - published via the Polywogg blogging platform.
Although the data is no longer available on the web for that site, I have most of it captured in pdfs, stored like a ballerina jewellery box full of high school love notes. Incidentally, that’s the network where Neil and I met. Two blogs crossing in the night… A year later I moved to England. The power of the internet, no?

Before Polywogg, I blogged a regularly updated heap of words on a site about ferrets. (I’m not making that last bit up. See?) Marvel at my mad web design skillz.

That site started in 1997 and ran until sometime in 2004. The focus of the updates revolved around our ferret rescue, ferret information, and my battle with cancer. Fortunately, when we closed the rescue, I was already blogging elsewhere. The words have to have someplace to go. My own url seemed the logical progression.

Anyway, to the long-haulers out there, congratulations! Though I may not always feel like posting, I can’t imagine not writing on the web.

If you want to read stuff in other places I post to, check out my links page. There’s a bit at the bottom showing several other places I can be found. (But not all of them. A girl has to have a little mystery…)

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4 thoughts on “Lost count of the miles on memory lane”

  1. I am most terribly sorry if I made you think young Jen ………. it was the very last thing I wanted ……….

    [ferrets……… FERRETS !!!??!! …….. have I arrived in some alternative blogiverse?]

  2. Yup. Look what you made me do! 😀

    And OH! were there ferrets. If memory serves (and it doesn’t, most of the time) we had around 25 – 30 ferrets sheltered in the house at one point. Good times, and damn hard work. I’ll have to post some pictures…

  3. Alas, I have never seen evidence of it, but if ever DP’s blog becomes infested with cat food… (probably less scary, that).

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