Saluting the commuters

Today was a very different kind of work day for me. I was selected/volunteered to be the representative for my workplace at a regional meeting.

The meeting was scheduled to take place in Reading and last for four hours. We ran three hours over. There was, thankfully, an emergency half hour lunch wedged in there, but overall, I think I experienced a little of what the average commuting office worker deals with day in and day out. You are a strong breed, Mr and Ms Commuter. With your ability to cope with crowding, heat, and the appalling level of germs and shed sweat on train seats, you are the future. Super-human. And I seriously mean it.

By the time the meeting had concluded and we all went our separate ways, I was already mentally exhausted from the very active discussion-oriented meeting, physically drained due to poor nutrition by way of cookies and coffee, and then had the hot and humid commute and walking to and from train stations to deal with. I never thought I was made of that soft a stuff, but today wiped me out.

I’m so glad these meetings will only take place every couple of months or so. I feel like I should cross-train for the next one…

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5 thoughts on “Saluting the commuters”

  1. It was a little bit horrible as far as the sweating and tiring goes. I’m going to take a really indulgent bath in a little while… I must wash the ‘train’ off of me.

  2. I do a commute once or maybe twice a week – and know the feeling, it’s horrible. too much miserable humanity in a small space.

    I don’t admire commuters though – I pity that journey everyday.

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