Just out of reach

More fun with my modern-vintage camera set-up. This ominous looking door leads out to our beautiful balcony. The very nature of the Through the Viewfinder contraption set-up forces most photos to be taken at a height much lower than we normally see, and so I wanted to exaggerate that perspective even further.

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3 thoughts on “Just out of reach”

  1. ….. and I’m thinking ‘film noir’.

    “The door opens – a man is seen sitting in the corner with a Gitane hanging from his mouth. He stands up and starts walking towards the innocent young woman ………….”

  2. @ Daddy P.

    He stoops down, says “Okay, angel, I can’t help ya unless ya tell me the truth. You say your name’s Alice. Ya got a last name, Alice? How bad’s the fix you’re in? “.

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