Beyond the Sea

The weekend came and went in a blur. A good blur, but a blur. Work at the part-time job Saturday was busy due to a staff member calling in sick, then a slumber party (that’s right, a slumber party), and then work at the part-time job Sunday with one and a half less staff than is normal for that day of the week. Crazy. Good times, in general, as the people around me were pretty fantastic, but I was wiped out from it all.

About that slumber party… (this ties directly into the title of this post). So three of us from work decided to get together at Naomi’s place for an overnight. To say she lives in the middle of nowhere is almost an understatement, even in a country where it’s actually difficult to be anywhere more than 5 miles away from a pub. Surrounded by a beautiful forest, we ate junk food, laughed and went out to the porch to roast marshmallows over candle flames. (We didn’t have a campfire, but made do.) The woods made their woodsy noises, we giggled and listened and told stories. Cathy and I went into the yard and did our best horror movie screams. Many marshmallows and a glass of wine later we heard it:
Somewhere, beyond the sea… Somewhere waiting for me…

Somewhere, beyond the trees, Bobby Darin was playing. We sat there in the dim light of three candles, wide-eyed and stunned by the creepiness of it. I think just about any other song would have been acceptable, but for some reason that song whispering in the pitch-black distance was just about the spookiest thing three girls alone in a house in the middle of the woods could hear.

We went inside not long after. If you ask any of us, it’s probably because it was getting chilly out. Honest.

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7 thoughts on “Beyond the Sea”

  1. Yup, we managed to sleep, but it was an hour or two of giggling girliness later.

    While we were outside it was like a horror movie coming to life when the tune played — any moment a murderer would appear! — but once inside we forgot about it completely.

  2. Did the fact that song was in an X-Files episode make it more creepy? You remember…Scully kept hearing that song, I think the episode may have been called ‘Beyond the Sea’. (Am I being a major geek by pointing that out?)

  3. It was actually majorly creepy and no, Jen’s mum, I did not have an easy time getting to sleep! My constant questions about the Blair Witch and the fact that a bird made the psycho noise did not help. Spoooooky……..

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