Picked a marble

The seas have been rough here around the casa for the past few days. Saying that, I still got in a lovely cheap day to London with my friend Naomi and also made serious progress on a writing project. We’ll call that last thing, the marble. (See my last post to understand the marble reference.)

I’ll post some shots of the London trip soon, but more importantly is the writing project – the marble – I have been working on. I chose a children’s picture book that I’ve been casually thinking about. I had created a couple of characters, well, the most basic of basic looks for them anyway, and on the train journey to the city I came up with about ten story ideas. I also solidified the character names. And species. After returning from London, I entered into a bit of a shitstorm, but worked on my ideas anyway. They’re good, these ideas. No amount of tears or bad feelings kept me away from sketching, scribbling, and outlining. I am passionate about getting this one thing to a presentable state. Contest entries, articles, and scraps of brilliance are all well and good, but I need to finally get something to an agent and publisher. If I don’t do it now I fear I never will.
And so I’ve shoved aside all the other tempting marbles and am trying to be very focussed. The great novel will wait. (Of course, I’m allowing the scribbling of ideas to prevent losing them forever, but putting my foot down regarding developing them further. Not until this first marble is done.)

The shitstorm I mentioned has passed for now and through it I’ve worked harder on a single project than I have since NaNoWriMo last November (which I couldn’t finish due to serious illness). Don’t let anyone tell you a children’s book is easy stuff. I’m writing and illustrating it, but the hardest part is getting a story told in 28 pages that contains less text than most short stories. Really short stories at that. I’m up for the challenge and I actually enjoy editing a piece down to meet strict word counts. This marble will be tricky, but I’m going for it.

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4 thoughts on “Picked a marble”

  1. Good luck on the writing! We can’t wait to buy a copy (and hope we can get the author to sign it so we have a signed first edition :>)

  2. Wow! Thank you, David! You’re enthusiasm is both flattering and intimidating! 😀
    Tomorrow is picture book creation day. I’ve nailed the look of the characters and the first story is in my head. I’m really excited about this!

    Must start working on my “author” signature… (because I’m guessing it wouldn’t be wise to use the one I have on my library card… 😉 )

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