See this chocolate Internet?

Right. So I signed up to FoodFocus. I’m not the Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/fad diet type, but I do (mostly) care about what I eat and how it makes me feel. I haven’t been exactly on the ‘right track’ since we got back from America a month or so ago. I may be able to dress well enough to cover that excess stone (14 pounds) I’m carrying, but I KNOW IT’S THERE and so I’m trying to do something about it. I’m tracking my meals and activity levels through the free site, and it’s been an eye-opener after just a few days. The day I signed up (Monday), I managed to eat DOUBLE the number of calories I should. Hell, I wasn’t even trying to overeat. Tuesday I shaved off 1000 calories from the previous day. Today is looking good despite having lunch out with a friend and a naughty vanilla latte. I’ll likely update here when I feel there’s something to report. I also Tweet this stuff.

So here’s where you come in, gorgeous creatures. I got wind of a big chocolate sale by one of the UK’s best high street shops: Thornton’s. Do me a favour, Internet, EAT SOME FOR ME. I’m not kidding. You’ll get 20% off of the price as well. Use my link and then drop me a comment to taunt me as you snuggle up to a big box of chocolatey bliss. Remember, I can’t choke you through the internet.

Screenshot 02-1

Enjoy! (for both of us!) Oh, and you’ve got until 4PM this Friday to make out like an indulgent bandit with that 20% off.

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