Vale of White Horse

Neil took me to the Cotswolds area of England yesterday. We both needed the time out of the flat and the mental reboot of adventure. We went to Burford and then down to Vale of White Horse before heading home to Maidenhead. Burford is a lovely village and the views from the hills of Vale of White Horse show off some of the most picturesque farmland I’ve ever seen. The primitive chalk horse on the hillside isn’t much to look at on foot, but from the air it must be something special. (The link above will take you to a Wikipedia page where you can see it from a glider’s view.)

I managed to get some quality sleep last night, despite staying awake far to late looking at websites about female hair loss and various coping strategies. I quietly cried myself to sleep but know that the exhaustion of the day (Nature is so tiring! 😉 ) took its toll and made me just that little bit more vulnerable to dark thoughts. I feel more positive today. Concerned, but positive. I look at the above picture and remember us out on a blanket in the hills, (me with my camera, Neil with his watercolour sketch set out), watching the clouds throw shadows across the fields of cattle and sheep, feeling that this life is a pretty good one, despite the thorns that sometimes line our paths.

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