The Body Shop made me do it

I’ve decided that I have two, wait- no, three vices.

  • I buy far too many books. (And read too few.)
  • I like drinking. (Fortunately, it’s typically high quality stuff and not to excess. Often.)
  • I would probably sell a kidney to have unlimited free product from The Body Shop.

Oh, there was a time when The Body Shop was beyond my seemingly piddly earnings. Then I moved to the UK. The US dollar once made The Body Shop products seem so monetarily out of reach… anything from Walgreen’s was acceptable and left me enough cash for Taco Bell afterwards. Sensibly played. But here? Any average product from Boots costs about the same as a much more pampering and beautifully scented eco-rub-down-by-angels product from The Body Shop. No wondering about a product being cruelty-free. No worrying about the sustainability of faraway lands. I can wallow in body butters and bathe in moringa without the guilt of spending more than I have to because EVERYTHING OVER HERE IS THAT FECKING EXPENSIVE.

But it sure is nice to not be able to help myself.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go eat my way through some coconut lip balm.

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4 thoughts on “The Body Shop made me do it”

  1. I buy too many books (and read them all). Gotcha!

    Don’t like to drink, but would shave my head and paint it purple for a truckload of Barry’s tea. A really big truck.

    Would sell a kidney for a lifetime supply of batiks from Hancocks of Paducah. And throw in a couple of toes, too!

  2. Overachiever? Nah. I just like losing myself in other times and spaces. They never pay bills or run out of toilet tissue on other planets!

  3. “They never pay bills or run out of toilet tissue on other planets!”
    Clearly, we don’t read the same books.

    But seriously, I know what you mean. And hey, I finished a book just a few minutes ago. Hooray! Made it to the finish line instead of starting another one and and another one and another one… If I could finish as many as I start I’d be a happy bunny, but that requires focus and we all know how well that goes for me. 🙂

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