Back from deadline hell

A week has passed since my last blog post but it has not been all bon-bons and bathrobes. No siree- I have been firefighting a few deadlines since returning from holiday and it is only today that I have managed to catch my breath. I sent a manuscript excerpt off to a bursary competition yesterday. The very painful week-long tension in my lower back was directly connected to the creation of that thing. Mailed it and POOF! back pain gone. I also had a couple of deadlines for online articles but those were far less stressful. The bursary could be a really good thing and competition will be stiff, but I’m confident and have my fingers crossed. I’d be honoured if you’d cross yours and send me your lucky vibes. Thank you!

I promised some House on the Rock coverage, and here we go. There’s a lot to show you, so here’s the first of it. Don’t worry, this won’t be some boring slideshow of your grandparents’ trip to Florida – nope – House on the Rock is a freakfest of the weird and wonderful. I’ll likely break up my reporting with some regular posts as well. I miss being a bit more random.

We’ll start with the entrance to The Infinity Room.

It’s a freaky room supported by nothing under it after a few feet past that doorway and looms a couple of hundred feet over the valley of trees and rocks below. You can feel the wind nudge the structure, but according to the tour guide stationed nearby, the room was built to withstand tornado-strength winds by being cleverly counter-balanced.
Here’s what it looks like from a look out point in another part of the house.

And here’s a look inside the room itself. I intentionally did not straighten the shot (in fact, I twisted it a bit more than it was in the original) so you could feel the slightly disorienting effect of the room.

There are several more shots from surrounding rooms up on my flickr page. Enjoy.
And don’t let the dolls creep you out too much.

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