a morning snuggle exchange about boobs

Looking down at my toplessness…

J – ‘Would you still love them as much if I got implants or would they just not be “me” anymore?’

I’m not sure he’s focused on my words…

N – ‘They’d still be great.’

J – ‘Even with “stuff” in them? Or am I reading far too much into how men look
at boobs?’

I think he grunted, maybe, and I understood there is a little caveman in every man, even mine. 😉

Note: No, I’m not really thinking about getting a boob job. I like me just the way I am. Besides, if I’ve ever got that kind of extra money around for an elective surgery, I’m getting a monkey tail. OH HELL YES. I realise that would mean putting little tail holes in all my jeans, but I’m pretty sure my home economics teacher would be proud that I used the skills learned in her class for something so practical.
My algebra teacher will never feel that kind of satisfaction from me.

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5 thoughts on “a morning snuggle exchange about boobs”

  1. I really wish every day my RSS reader was filled with a little surprise like this. Totally made my morning.

    Thanks for the smiles. Of course now every time I see you I’m going to think about what you’d look like with a tail! 🙂

  2. @Neil Ford – I can get nothing past you.

    @CC – You’ve picked the diplomatic route… the next time you see me you’ll think about me with a tail (and not about boobs)? LOL- and you’re very welcome. 😀

    @Kev – Oh, now I need wings AND a tail. You’re so right! I crave modification! (Even if it’s only ever to be in my head. I just don’t know enough corrupt doctors from Russia or South America.)

  3. I’d get wings instead of big boobs. I’ve always dreamed of flying, but never of floating better! 🙂

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