Buzz! The holiday tattoo session

[Sorry, video no longer available.]

Me, face down in the Alkali Tattoo parlour chair, Janesville, Wisconsin. I was getting more stars added – this time to both shoulder blade areas. The session lasted about three hours and ran me $200. It’s been a couple of weeks now and all seems to be well and healed. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the work in the near future.

Update: Here’s one more. If you look closely at my facial expressions, you can tell how much it totally tickles. Tickles like you’d imagine someone dragging vibrating needles across your tender flesh would tickle. To tell the truth, this was a very painful few hours – I even found myself trying to get to “my happy place” in my mind. I’ve had longer sessions (a marathon one for over ten hours a few years back) but this one was uncomfortable. And yet I go back for more… * shrugs *

[Sorry, video no longer available.]

Video thanks go to Neil Dixon.

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