Rotary Gardens, Janesville Wisconsin

Spring was just waking from its Winter slumber and leathery new growth was spotted in the Rotary Gardens of Janesville, Wisconsin. We last visited the gardens together late in 2005. We wanted to take a photo of ourselves on the bench where we had sat and taken a self-portrait back then, but there was someone occupying the bench this time, busily writing in a notebook and we would certainly not disturb a writer. We instead turned our lenses to the bursts of growth and to the unfortunate flood damage that had recently devastated large areas of the Gardens.

I haven’t written much over the last day or two due to a preoccupation with with a mysterious illness that has hold of Neil. Hopefully, tomorrow is better.

There are 11 new photos on my flickr page from Janesville. It’s much easier for me to play with photos than to recall holiday details and form sentences when I’m worried about Neil’s fever and pain. With some luck, he’ll be better tomorrow, otherwise it’ll likely mean a trip to the doctor.

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2 thoughts on “Rotary Gardens, Janesville Wisconsin”

  1. Thank you very much DaddyP!

    No- Neil isn’t any better this morning. We’re making the decision about going to the doctor. Thank you for your thoughts. I shall commence the man-mopping on your behalf.

    UPDATE: Doctor appointment made.

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