We started in Janesville Wisconsin

Before plucking the delicate internet flower that is moi to be his partner in life and crime, Neil had no reason to ever be in Wisconsin. Since marrying me, he’s been there at least twice. I lived there for ten years before making the trans-Atlantic move to England and consider it as much my home state as Indiana. We spent the last week of April in Janesville in a slightly dodgy Motel 6. The woman who runs the motel is lovely, but the thin walls kept no secrets. We had the sex maniacs next door doin’ their thing between 4 and 5 AM one night, the clown car-esque group of illegal immigrants with their sleeping bags on the other side for the next, and the drug deal bust and unhappy buyer the following morning in a room upstairs and opposite. Oh, and the all night packers who seemed to gather their things for a couple of hours, then nap, then get up and shuffle some more stuff. They could have been touring troupe of Stomp for as much noise as they made. It’s not the kind of motel you complain about, as you get what you pay for and you just have to stay positive about the daily police presence. I have never felt such an even split of safety and danger anywhere. It was weird. But they had free wifi…

Moving right along…

Big, yellow, school buses are still a magical thing Neil first saw in movies and television, so I took him to see a whole depot of the things in Janesville.

When I first moved to the UK, it was early November and I assumed that snow management would be on the minds of everyone. I asked Neil if we had a shovel, to which he looked perplexed. Snow was not on his mind. I explained that I meant a SNOW shovel and he explained that we did not have one. I then asked if there is a specific time or day for us to move the car out of the lot so that the managers of the flats could plow the car park. His response (complete with British spelling), “Plough?” Yeah. So, evidently I was the only person with snow on her mind. I have still, more than three years on, never seen a snow plow in Southern England. Grit trucks, yes. Plows? Pretty much unheard of. And you can pretty much forget buying a bag of sidewalk salt too. Add British “snow management” in the age of global warming to my list of things I love about my adopted country.

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4 thoughts on “We started in Janesville Wisconsin”

  1. If you want snowploughs, you’re going to have to move north. Saw quite a few in Scotland, across the Pennines, in the Lake District. But down here in the south, nothing.

  2. Oh, I didn’t say I wanted them… 😉

    I guess I was surprised at how much warmer the winters are here. The temperatures and lack of snow have made me soft and a big baby. I think I would’ve died if I was in Wisconsin for this last winter ‚Äî over 100 inches of snow! Yowsa!

  3. British “snow management” consists of the advice to stay at home if travel is not essential whenever there is a bit of a dusting of snow.

    As to yellow school buses, if you get nostalgic head over to Arborfield where they’ve had one for the local school for the past couple of years.

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