Alive and well and still on holiday

I am sitting outside the Steve Alford All-American Inn on 3 just outside New Castle, Indiana. They have free wireless internet for guests and although we aren’t staying here, they have range enough for me to leech teh internets through their walls. Hooray!

All is well from the road. We’ve driven miles and miles and miles and have stories and photos to share. Most of that stuff is going to wait until we get back, as we will not always have drive-up wifi access on our routes.

We’ve seen the family and friends we needed to see, and found the places I wanted to photograph. Roads are mostly familiar and food is more wonderful than it should be. In short, life is good.

More from us when we get back to the UK.

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One thought on “Alive and well and still on holiday”

  1. Carry on having a good time and carry on being safe and carry on leeching …… just, carry on I suppose [Hmmmmmm? – good title for a film series – perhaps I’ll use it – tee hee]

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