38,000 feet above Greenland

Taken as we flew over Greenland on our way to Chicago today. I’ve got loads more of the glacier paths, icebergs, and terrain to upload but will probably not do any more tonight since we’re knackered from travel.

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5 thoughts on “38,000 feet above Greenland”

  1. Amazing, regularen. You flew over Greenland on the exact same day as ourselves. Thanks heaps for the excellent photos. We got one clear glimpse on our plane (Virgin LAX to Heathrow)and B4 I could get the cam out it clouded over with thick cloud! So, your photos are great. John 🙂

  2. Thank you John! (Your comment got held in moderation and my internet access is sporadic at best… sorry for the delay.)

    Hope you checked out the others on my flickr page. The colour correction was so tricky that I decided to forget it and go black and white for the bulk of them.

    Thank you again for your compliment! 😀

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