On acting my age and then some

Neil and I went down to the Post Office to take care of the car tax due and decided to stop for a Costa coffee to properly start the day. We walked through the shopping centre and passed a (high quality) shoe store. A display caught my eye.

J – ‘Oh! Those look comfortable!’

This is how I know that my age and my attitude are sometimes in the same room now. I was drawn not to the sexy, funky shoes, but rather the ones that you could spend all day in, travel in, do the laundry in, write your will while soaking your dentures in…

Next thing you know, I’ll be appreciating the elastic-waisted, permanent press slacks that are advertised in those little catalogues that come with Reader’s Digest. “Almond” – yes! that would go with everything and the elastic waist would be so comfortable.

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3 thoughts on “On acting my age and then some”

  1. I’m sure when it comes time for those slacks, you’ll still have a stylish haircut and a fashionable top to go with them…at least YOU’LL think so. 😀

  2. Are you sure you weren’t at the Post Office picking up your pension? ……. sheesh

    [if you’ve got a spare one of those catalogues with bath hoists in, please forward – thank you]

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