I think they drink rum down there anyway

N – ‘I desperately wanted nomnomnom.com.’

J – ‘But it’s taken, right?’

N – ‘Oh yeah.’

J – ‘You could try monmonmon and make a Jamaican themed site instead.’

N looks puzzled.

J – ‘What? I thought it was funny…’

N – ‘What does mon mon mon have to do with gin making?’

J –Jamaican, mon. And this gets written down.’

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5 thoughts on “I think they drink rum down there anyway”

  1. It is not possible to say ‘beercan’ in an English accent without sounding like ‘bacon’ in a Jamaican accent. FACT.


  2. I think you may have something there…

    Ooo- what about Necronomnomnom and it could be a site about Zombies! Quick‚Äî somebody use my GoDaddy codes and check that out! 😀

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