seeing the future during a morning poo

I know I’m still only in my thirties, but I just had a peek at my geriatric destiny. I was sat on the toilet doing my ‘business’ and looked around me. I saw nearly flesh-coloured tan ankle socks poking out of fuzzy, lavender slippers, and an aerosol can of floral air-freshener within easy reach.

I was my grandma from the knees down.

I think I just had an epiphany poo.
I am throwing out the socks…

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6 thoughts on “seeing the future during a morning poo”

  1. @ Daddy P. I know I’m going to disappointment you, but, OH MY GOD, I’m at a loss for words! I swear I did teach her the meaning of “private”. Obviously, it didn’t take. 🙂

    @ Jennifer. Okay, I must admit “epoophany” is a giggler.

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