Ever get the feeling Osen is following you?

In all likelihood, Osen Komura is following you. In fact, Osen Komura is following upwards of 37,000 profiles on Twitter and rising. So who is this guy? The IP address in his Location box resolves to Twitter’s own URL. Although little is known about Komura, a little digging today on Google cleared up some of the mystery.

Normally, I won’t follow a person on Twitter based on whether that person follows me. I’m not following Osen Komura either, but I do tend to have a look at the Twitter page of every new follower I get. An email notification pops into my inbox; I check them out. I block some of them; I ignore most of them. I keep my numbers of follow:follower fairly low. I spend too much of my time on internet noise as it is, I don’t need to add more to the mix.

But here’s where Osen Komura comes in-¬†Osen is purposely making noise for himself as an experiment in Twitter/web behaviour. It’s simple, and possibly pointless, but here’s the gist of it:
Osen follows you, but will you then follow Osen? Apparently, Komura is trying to find a magic formula with that ratio. Call it an experiment in human behaviour relating to the “friend” culture of the web.

His Bio blurb on Twitter:
“Questions about my experiment? Just read my timeline. All of it. It’s all there.”

There are only 24 updates (as I write this) and no real revelations. In fact, there hasn’t been an update for 11 days. I guess following upwards of 37,000 Twitter users leaves little time for yourself. 😉

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