Not quite out of the wintery woods

We had a thundering sleet storm yesterday. The clouds came on fast and dumped loads of the stuff over Maidenhead. It wasn’t but an hour earlier that we enjoyed blue skies and watched the red kites circling the gardens.

I know I shouldn’t complain as I have family and friends dealing with more than 100 inches of seasonal snow accumulation, but damn, thought we were in the clear…
And today? Dismal rain, cold, and snow flurries.
C’mon Spring- spring already!

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9 thoughts on “Not quite out of the wintery woods”

  1. Oh, yeah, my heart bleeds for you with your green grass! A quote from a local reporter in this morning’s paper says it all for grumpy me…”By conservative estimates, this winter has lasted for 12 years.”

  2. Well you’ll be pleased to know that shortly after the post, the sky decided to outdo itself and chucked down some serious snow and sleet. It’s mostly gone now, but it was pretty nasty even by Wisconsin standards. Thankfully, we’re hovering at above freezing.

  3. Grumpy Mom is suffering young Jen and all you can do is try and out do her ……. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ……. tsk.

    Still glad to see you’re hoovering the freezer ……. hang on …… I better read that again …….

  4. It’s forecast to get worse before it gets better, most forecasts are predicting that we can expect to wake up to a white Easter…

  5. @DaddyP: Bah, I can’t outdo Wisconsin’s winter. But what you don’t know is that she has brownies to cope and I do not. 😉

    @Richard: Worse? White Easter? * sigh * I realise I didn’t move to a tropical island, but geez… 😛

  6. I’ve got to side with mom on this one! I would love to have green grass right now. Instead I have 7 inches of new snow. At this rate we will still have snow when you come to visit.

  7. Damn it – I come 5000 miles to Seattle and I’d still have to drive to see any snow.

    And yet – its snowing back in my hometown.

  8. @Jodi: The green grass is about all that keeps me from losing hope since it seems that this winter has been one big long grey sky with rain. We’re starting to get flowers and the magnolias are blooming too. Nature is beginning to look much less depressing on this side of the ocean. I hope yours gets with the program soon!

    @MattR: It has been switching between dark skies with snow and cheery blue skies with fluffy clouds all day! So kooky!

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